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VW Caddy Maxi

The Volkswagen Caddy Maxi is converted by Bierman WAV for transporting 1 wheelchair passenger. Including wheelchair(passenger), there will be place for max. 5 additional passengers (including driver). Without the wheelchair passenger, there will be place for max. 7 additional passengers (please check legislation in your country if this is allowed).

VW Caddy Maxi EURO6 - 003

Types of conversion

The Volkswagen Caddy Maxi is available in 2 different types of conversions:

  • Basic-conversion

  • Lowered floor complete
  • Exhaust modification (stainless steel)
  • Original fueltank will be replaced
  • Remount middle part of bumper
  • Remount original rear 3 seater on 2nd seat row
  • Remount original 2 seater on 3rd seat row (optional)
  • Two-part long ramp
  • 4-point Q-Straint tiedown (ISO 10542) with 3-pointbelt

VW Caddy Maxi - Basic conversion (001)VW Caddy Maxi - Basic conversion (002) 

  • Air-conversion

  • Same as Basic-conversion, see above
  • Two-part long ramp to be replaced by one-part short ramp
  • Airsuspension lowering system

VW Caddy Maxi - Air and Comfort conversion (001)VW Caddy Maxi - Air and Comfort conversion (002) 


Dependend on the size of the wheelchair(passenger) the following seat-positions are possible:

VW Caddy Maxi - Bierman WAV (AA0)


All our conversions do have 3 years (or 150.000 km) of warranty. As this conversion complies with EWVTCA the standard factory approval of Volkswagen will be maintained.

Type approval

The Bierman WAV conversion complies to the European Whole Vehicle Type Approval (EWVTCA). This includes type approval of Volkswagen. Because of these approvals it won't be a problem to officially register the conversion in your country.