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unique selling points (B2B)

The idea of Bierman WAV is relatively simple, but the Bierman WAV kit is a real breakthrough product within the traditional car conversion industry. This because of the major advantages the Bierman WAV has.

Please find below an overview of the Unique Selling Points of the Bierman WAV kit.

Main Business to Business advantages (B2B)

  1. High quality WAV kit meets OEM look & feel
  2. Warranty 3 years or 150.000km
  3. Extreme fast conversion (guaranteed to be done within 15 hours)
  4. Extreme short delivery times (shipment within 24 hours after order placement, except for high quantities)
  5. European Whole Vehicle Type Approval (EWVTA)


Additional Business to Business advantages (B2B)

  • Bierman is an ISO 9001 certified company
  • Competative installation costs (parts + labor + shipping costs)
  • Main material is lightweight glassfiber reinforced polymer
  • Guaranteed 100% complete kit (incl. nutst / bolts / glue, no additional parts needed)
  • Very easy to install by one person (after one day of training any mechanic can do it)
  • WAV kit consists out less than 30 parts
  • Shipment on 1 single Euro-pallet (175 Kg)
  • Using unique moulds per model guarantees conformity of production and ease of installation
  • Official factory locks are used
  • Good training / marketing / after sales / technical back-up support from Bierman
  • Bierman converts vehicles themselves and is therefore up-to-date with changes that car manufactures implement without telling
  • Complete and easy to read installation manual
  • Tracking and tracing of conversion kits by Bierman
  • Approved by Volkswagen, Renault and Mercedes-Benz
  • OEM makes marketing and homologation easier
  • No welding needed. This means: no toxic fumes / no deformation of the metal due to heat / no corrosion / cleaner and easier installation
  • Dealer login with up-to-date information
  • Parts available from stock with short delivery times


Moreover we are always open for feedback & improvements. If you have special desires or prefereces, we are very willing to help you to solve your problems and improve our products.